Brand Experience Area

Come to a place where everyone can enjoy music,
whether they play instruments or not,
and make new discoveries during each visit.

This is a space for new sound and music experiences on the 1F/2F of the Yamaha Ginza Building.
Enjoy relaxing at the café, playing the keyboards and hearing artists' performances.
Music is something to be experienced actively and emotionally.
Let it guide you toward whatever your heart desires.

1F Scenery With Music

On the café stand floor, anyone can communicate with music and become part of the musical atmosphere.

2F Discover Your Sound

A café lounge where you can encounter new music and sound while being inspired by the works of various artists.

The Brand Experience Area (1F/2F of the Yamaha Ginza Building)

Business hours
11:00 AM – 6:30 PM (2F café lounge last order: 6 PM)
on Tuesdays
For inquiries
Yamaha Ginza Store Information 03-3572-3171
For inquiries regarding the café
1F Café Stand
2F Café Lounge